One before the big one

Ok, I’ve been writing a lot of my final video post which will cover the q and a so that will be up soon!

In the mean time, some people have already started sending in pictures from the event! Everyone is welcome to do this, my email is, I’ll post them as soon as I get them. The following pictures are some great small group shots showing off fantastic costumes!



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We are inside now!!!! I’ve gotten my scrubs signed by Alex an Karen, and I’m still after Matt and Arthur! Heres a shot of the theater and opening screen!!




The last picture is the q and a chairs!!!!


We finally made it đŸ™‚

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Ok this is a post for a missing necklace! If anyone around the line has seen it please let me know so we can get it back to the owner!

Also, here’s a picture of an awesome dude with a homemade shirt!


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Pluggin Ads

Hi! The first picture is to advertise the Brooklyn premier of the new season, if you’re in the area check it out!


This next picture is a plug for my good friend Alyssa Fluty who has been documenting this in the most fantastic way! Her pictures will be up Tuesday so keep a look out!


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I’m a terrible liar

I knew I couldn’t make it without another post! It just so happens we have beautiful pictures of a pond of Amys with their Doctors đŸ˜€ I also sub in as Rory amongst all the amazing Amys :p





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The Final Stretch

Hey everyone, we’re reaching the end of quite possibly the best 27 hours of my life! You all have been absolutely BRILLIANT! I never imagined that I’d be part of something like this and truly have all of you to thank. I’ve met more people today than I could possibly thank individually, however those who I have met have changed my life forever, and I could never possibly forget this. There’s one more video for you guys, my final-ish post from Starbucks. I hope all who have stayed in this line enjoy the fruits of their labor as much as I know I will, and lets keep this amazing spirit up as we approach the final countdown to the preview!

I’ll be posting one final video tonight after the event, a recap of sorts. Don’t worry, no spoilers :p If you have pictures you’d like put up here, by all means email me at, and I will continue to update this as long as there’s interest. I hope to keep this blog open as a way of connecting all these fantastic people, so send those photos of all the awesomeness that has gone on this last day!

As if I couldn’t say it enough, thank you all, every person has made this far more incredible than I thought possible.


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Doctors Upon Doctors!

What a great group of people, although I’m a little concerned about the paradox involved in this picture…



And who doesn’t love Saxon :p

Also what a great shirt!


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