Fan Vids, Links, Shout Outs, Oh My!


Why hello Whovians! Its about noon on Friday, and I’ve got some more AMAZING videos, a few AWESOME links, and some shout-outs to fellow Whovians of all kinds.

Our first piece of business is this: Alyssa Fluty went and made one of the most incredible videos I’ve seen, and I feel the need to broadcast it to as many people as possible 😀 Full credit goes to her, well done Alyssa!

Next on the list is both a shoutout and a link to a fantastic site which I myself have visited several times. Tara Wheeler is the founder and keeper of the site WittyLittleKnitter, home to the most expansive collection of Doctor Who knitting patterns that I’ve ever seen. I happened to try her pattern for TARDIS Socks and they came out great! The website can be found at, and be sure to let her know how amazing this site is! She is also part of this next mentioned podcast, The Happiness Patrol1

The final shout out is to my dear friend Andre who I met at LineCon. Andre is part of the Happiness Patrol, a podcast lovingly named after the Sylvester McCoy episode from 1988. They focus entirely on Doctor Who and it’s so much fun to listen to! They are available on iTunes, and you can also check out their website here at

I’ve also just gotten this fantastic video, lots of coverage from LineCon, look for yourselves in all the Doctor Who crazyness!!

Best of luck keeping sane as we count down the days until the premier, only Paul McGann days left!!!

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One Response to Fan Vids, Links, Shout Outs, Oh My!

  1. Heidi says:

    Here is a link to photos on facebook from last Monday. It was very distracting having Steven Moffett and Matt Smith sitting where I could see them if I looked over my shoulder. I wanted to look at them but I wanted to watch the show. Oh the dilema.
    The best time I ever had with my clothes on.

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