The Final Stretch

Hey everyone, we’re reaching the end of quite possibly the best 27 hours of my life! You all have been absolutely BRILLIANT! I never imagined that I’d be part of something like this and truly have all of you to thank. I’ve met more people today than I could possibly thank individually, however those who I have met have changed my life forever, and I could never possibly forget this. There’s one more video for you guys, my final-ish post from Starbucks. I hope all who have stayed in this line enjoy the fruits of their labor as much as I know I will, and lets keep this amazing spirit up as we approach the final countdown to the preview!

I’ll be posting one final video tonight after the event, a recap of sorts. Don’t worry, no spoilers :p If you have pictures you’d like put up here, by all means email me at, and I will continue to update this as long as there’s interest. I hope to keep this blog open as a way of connecting all these fantastic people, so send those photos of all the awesomeness that has gone on this last day!

As if I couldn’t say it enough, thank you all, every person has made this far more incredible than I thought possible.


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2 Responses to The Final Stretch

  1. Krys says:

    I think I saw you guys! I finally made it in, we’re in the blue chair a few folks down from the front, I’ll swing by and say hi if I get the chance! Thanks so much for keeping this blog going, it’s been so wonderful keeping up with all morning while I was at work! đŸ˜€

  2. Suki says:

    Thank you for posting all the goings on, as much trying as was done sadly I did not make it in time, so although sad it is great to see everything. My one regret is not getting to meet River though.

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