Half Past 12

Hi again everyone! People have only gotten more excited and the spirit and energy simply can’t be beat! Here we have a picture of a fantastic Bad Wolf picture, as well as an ominous crack in the sidewalk :p



Also, the sign is up!!!


I’d also like to mention that sidewalk is public property. That being said, certain staff members at the Village East Cinema need to make the rules concerning chalk far more clear, and take the nasty tone elsewhere.

On another note we now have over 500 people milling around the area, and some more fun pictures to see!! Chalk has taken over this line and the creativity is just fantastic!!



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3 Responses to Half Past 12

  1. Alia says:

    Is there any point in trying to come in now? Do I even have a slim chance?

  2. sjsmith says:

    No chance in this universe of getting in.

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