So here’s an update, BBC America is interviewing us! It’s been fantastic being with all these people and the mood just won’t quit! We also have some awesome pictures to show including an amazing 10th Doctor teddy bear!





Also, the first person dressed as a TARDIS!!

And as always, a count will be posted soon!

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3 Responses to BBC!

  1. Emma says:

    Being one of those unfortunate individuals who is stuck at work today – I am glad to at least see pictures and can therefore live vicariously through you! I was planning on coming down this afternoon – but seeing the numbers jump up (300-350 at 8 AM!??!) I am uncertain about my chances. Thanks for keeping all of us updated!

  2. me! says:

    any pics of the interviews or the donuts? my sis got interviewed and got her matt and arthur donuts but no pics because she was talking to BBC. I hate her so much right now, you can go kick her in the ass for me at any time now.
    ps, BBC “liked” your blog on FB!
    keep bringing on the pics! yay!

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