3 o clock count!

Hey guys, the hourly update! At this point there are estimated over 200 people including guests, the physical count is 116.


This is also a fantastic picture of a Whovian in a Roman hat!

And finally, a video saying hi:

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4 Responses to 3 o clock count!

  1. tomisa says:

    My sister is Laura, number 11. Short, Blond, stop by and tell her that her sister hates her and is jealous!
    I tweeted you guys on bbc america website!

    • Thanks for the tweet!!! And I’ve passed along the message to your sister :p

      • tomisa says:

        i have been barraging local nyc news and bbc america/bbc with your info =). thanks for passing my message along to her, it made my day!! we always do this crazy stuff together, but i live In portland, OR. =(
        HAVE A BLAST!!! my tweet made it on bbc america front page..lol

  2. Sarah Goldberg says:

    LOVE TO ALL OF YOU. I almost was there. I’m in California and my friend was thinking about flying us out but, obviously, it didn’t work out. NEXT YEAR THOUGH, NEXT YEAR WE’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Have a fantastic time guys! Love to all of you :D. *I called my friend Rachael, who was number about 60, an hour or so ago. She was apparently very cold lol.* Yay for Nerds and just- love to you all, I wish I was there with you 🙂

    ~Sarah from California

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