First in Line!!!

So here we are outside the theater in NYC! We’ve been here since 5, and will stay overnight until 7pm tomorrow when the premier starts!! Graham, Tristan, and Emma here, and we can’t wait!!!! So far there are about 5 people here besides us, some wearing fezzes, others in full costume! Looks like it’s gonna be an awesome night!

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15 Responses to First in Line!!!

  1. whovian says:

    how many people are there now?

  2. Libby Jones says:

    I’m missing three classes and taking a four-hour bus ride to be in line by noon tomorrow. If I don’t get in I will be very very sad. To say the least. ;-;

  3. areacode212 says:

    Can you post pics? If I’m bored, I may drop by to gawk before the night is out…

  4. joy says:

    Pictures, please!

  5. junimitsu says:

    Have you practiced what you’re going to say for the Confidential cameras?

  6. Professor Travers says:

    Please send updates on line length. Have a great night.

  7. billshippen says:

    You are in SSSOOOOOO MUCH TROUBLE!!!! Skipping school for Dr Who?????
    Wish I was young again, would be there myself. Be safe and have fun. Bonnie (don’t think she would sleep on the sidewalk) and dad (who has slept on the sidewalk!!!)

  8. TraitorousDroog says:

    Someone said on the Facebook event that there were already 75 people in line 50 minutes ago. True or false?

  9. Heidi Fox says:

    Your time is showing up as after midnight. I’m in upstate New York and it’s only 9:23pm here. Is there some trans-temporal event in the area I should be aware of? We are coming down tomorrow morning early.

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