Only *Colin Baker* Days Left to the Premiere!!

To all those brilliant Whovians out there, the time is almost upon us! A mere 6 days left until the unveiling of what I consider to be the best hour of television I have seen in a long, long time! If you haven’t been keeping up be sure to check out BBC America for all the amazing previews of the new series!

As I was going through all the photos I took at DWLineCon (to quote the Doctor “Humans. You’re so nostalgic.) I realized that there were great pictures that I never had the chance to put up due to the sudden, yet totally appropriate, excitement that occurred when the cast showed up! Below are some of brilliant Whovians who I forgot to put up:

As an added note, the man with the paper said he was doing a special on television faults in the area. Also crime. I had my doubts :p

This next picture requires a bit of explination, however I’ll let my friend take this one:

“Anyway I thought you might like to know that I entered the contest on My entry is called, “In the Heights”. Well, do you remember the Dr.Who commercial which was aired during the first episode of “Being Human”? Well, my photo is used in that commercial!!!!
If you want to take a look at it here it is, as it was shown on tv.

As you can imagine I was over the moon was I first saw it! I was totally blown away!”


I went back and found the commercial, and sure enough, there it was! My congratulation go out to Maritza, what an awesome accomplishment to have your TARDIS on TV!!

As always, thank you to everyone who I met at Line Con, and to all those who have checked out this site. You guys made that experience far more than I ever thought it could be! 😀

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Fan Vids, Links, Shout Outs, Oh My!


Why hello Whovians! Its about noon on Friday, and I’ve got some more AMAZING videos, a few AWESOME links, and some shout-outs to fellow Whovians of all kinds.

Our first piece of business is this: Alyssa Fluty went and made one of the most incredible videos I’ve seen, and I feel the need to broadcast it to as many people as possible 😀 Full credit goes to her, well done Alyssa!

Next on the list is both a shoutout and a link to a fantastic site which I myself have visited several times. Tara Wheeler is the founder and keeper of the site WittyLittleKnitter, home to the most expansive collection of Doctor Who knitting patterns that I’ve ever seen. I happened to try her pattern for TARDIS Socks and they came out great! The website can be found at, and be sure to let her know how amazing this site is! She is also part of this next mentioned podcast, The Happiness Patrol1

The final shout out is to my dear friend Andre who I met at LineCon. Andre is part of the Happiness Patrol, a podcast lovingly named after the Sylvester McCoy episode from 1988. They focus entirely on Doctor Who and it’s so much fun to listen to! They are available on iTunes, and you can also check out their website here at

I’ve also just gotten this fantastic video, lots of coverage from LineCon, look for yourselves in all the Doctor Who crazyness!!

Best of luck keeping sane as we count down the days until the premier, only Paul McGann days left!!!

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Fan Vids!

Oh you brilliant people, the excitement will never die down, will it?? I’ve sent out a request to all of you to send me your fan videos and I’ll host them here for all to see!

This first one is from Amaris, and looks absolutely great!

We also have another fantastic video from Doctor Who Online (Robyn Schneider reporting) featuring those wonderful Whovians (myself included :p) who were in line!

I just got send an awesome set of pictures, check them out at this link to Facebook!

Keep the videos coming, you guys are the best!

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Why hello fellow Whovians! This post is going to updated multiple times over the next few days so be sure to check back.

While waiting in line a number of people were interviewed by podcasts and news stations alike. I’ll be posting links to those interviews as I find them, so be sure to check it out! Many have awesome pictures as well highlighting our incredible time in line for the premier!!

I also found this fantastic video from the Q and A which I can’t take credit for, I was far too giddy to try and tape anything at that point :p This one is from Lokitupx3!!

We also have the video from BBC America with interviews of a ton of fellow Whovians, check it out!!!

You should also check out this Facebook page:

They have some great videos of the cast doing interviews and generally awesome information about Doctor Who!

A shout-out to Graham and Emma as well, I’ll never forget this as long as I live 🙂

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More Awesome Pictures!

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit since I posted up here, but I have some more pictures to show! I also encourage everyone to friend each other on Facebook and collect photos that way, I’ve seen some fantastic albums from the event that are definitely worth checking out!

These pictures are from the final moments in line as well as one from the Q and A, and of course the picture of all those stunning Amy Ponds! I would also like to point out the amazing person dressed like the lost child from Season 1, what an awesome choice! 😀

I was also able to get my scrubs signed by Karen and Alex!

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Hey guys, after the last blog I’ve gotten a bunch of pictures from fans and people in line! So here are the best of the best, check em out!!

Here are some awesome pictures I’ve been sent, please continue to send them, I’ll make this blog whatever you guys want it to be, and by all means friend me on Facebook 😀

Also I’d like to give an enormous thank you to the Whovian, Angelica who gave me my ticket back to Boston! It was awesome to talk to you on the bus and discuss all those awesome theories about the show!

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Final Video?!

Hey guys! This is the final video from the event! If you guys wish me to continue the bog please let me know!!! My email address is, I’ll be accepting pictures as long as they are sent to me!

I’m not quite sure what to do with the blog at this point, although I’ve been considering posting reactions to each episode as they come out! If anyone has further ideas or things they wish to be explained please let me know!!!

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